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R-Crypto Disk Security

A reliable solution to create encrypted virtual disks and protect confidential
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12 February 2010

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Encryption utilities have gained notable attention of late, primarily due to the surging cases of data theft, privacy intrusion, etc. Besides, if you share your important data through removable devices, it can easily be accessed by some unauthorized person. However, if you associate proper and strong protection with your crucial data, you can save your entire sensitive information from being accessed by anyone. To apply such an effective security to entire confidential content over your disk, you can try R-Crypto Disk Security 1.5. The tool is an expertise disk encryption utility that helps protecting personal data and confidential information on PC, notebook, and even removable storage media, from unauthorized access. It forms encrypted virtual data storage disks, which can be stored on storage device like hard disk, CD, USB-disk, DVD, or network resource. Accessibility to any information strictly possible only is the correct password is provided.

Using the R-Crypto Disk Security you get an adept data security solution with conveniently operable features. For creating an encrypted virtual disk, you’d have to go through the sequential process through the provided wizard. The process begins with specifying container name; container locator; disk size; encryption settings; CSP, algorithm, cipher, and hash algorithms; along with defining encrypted disk options relating file system, connect/disconnect, and other features. Finally confirm a password for the virtual disk, hit ‘Next’, and the encrypted disk is created. Now you can connect to the disk by selecting the created container, and entering the valid password. After this, you can add your data within the encrypted container and make it available for you only, thus preventing any unauthorized usage. You can anytime disconnect the disk; alter disk connect/disconnect options, disk password, disk size; and also can re-encrypt an encrypted disk for applying strong protection. In addition, you can wipe the encrypted disk for storing new data, or even remove an encrypted disk from recent encrypted disks.

In addition, R-Crypto Disk Security 1.5 allows you to configure settings relating to program and virtual disk to get strong protection with desired attributes. For the comprehensive set of functions, and impressive performance, the utility is being awarded with 4.5 rating points.

Publisher's description

R-Crypto is a disk encryption software to protect confidential information and personal data on a desktop, notebook, or a removable data storage device against unauthorized access. R-Crypto creates virtual disks (virtual data storage devices) encrypted on-the-fly. Such virtual disk is an ordinary file stored on any data storage device whether it’s a hard drive, USB-disk, CD, DVD, or a network resource. An access to any information on the virtual encrypted disk is impossible unless user provides a correct password. All files stored on the disks are encrypted and decrypted in a real time using the cryptographic infrastructure of the Microsoft Windows operating system that includes various installable cryptographic service providers already pre-installed in Windows OS. For example Microsoft provides the most secure encryption algorithm Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with 128, 192, and 256 bit keys. The software has an ability to automatically disconnect the encrypted disks upon encrypted disk file-container storage media is removed from the system, ability to automatically disconnect the encrypted disks upon exceeding an encrypted disk inactivity period and ability to automatically save and restore the encrypted disk network sharing options. Powerful FREE product for home use.
R-Crypto Disk Security
R-Crypto Disk Security
Version 1.5
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